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Thu 15th March 2018

Dolls at Nuremberg Toy Fair 2018 Spielwarenmesse

1 Editor’s Note

2 News & Views – Nuremberg Toy Fair 2018

3 Kruselings – New Clothes in 2018? 

Obviously not a secret! Kathe Kruse New ‘Big Sophie’
Ciao Bimba Exclusives!
Gotz Dolls Celebrate 60 Years at the Toy Fair!
7 Schildkrot Consistently Delights at the Toy Fairs (coming soon)
8 Nuremberg Toy Fair – Photos & Films Index

9. Somebunny Loves You! Easter Gift Ideas (coming soon)


Gotz Hannah Ladybug - photographed at Nuremberg Toy Fair 2018

1. Editor’s Note

It certainly has been a long time since the last Doll In-Site magazine! The run up to Christmas kept us very busy at the end of 2017.  This year I visited both the London Toy Fair and Nuremberg Toy Fair. We’ve since been making sure all the new stock is listed in the shop so that you can buy it as soon as it arrives. I can’t not mention the Boneka delivery that resulted in a Tsunami of doll orders! So, there hasn’t been much time left time to write the social media posts, but we’ve managed quite a few on Facebook and many of you will have seen the photos and films we’ve made of the new 2018 dolls on Facebook and You Tube. In this edition of Doll In-Site we bring you news and highlights from the Nuremberg Toy Fair. The News & Highlights draft feature reached 4000 words so I had to separate the piece into a News post and a series of Highlights posts specifically featuring each brand.


The News post is a bit gloomy as those are the brands we’ll not be getting in 2018 for various reasons. However, the dolls we have ordered are exceptionally beautiful. Gotz stock is already here (we love how quick they are off the mark every year); the Schildkrot stock will be next, arriving any day now. Ciao Bimba has sent us their exclusive dolls and we’ve restocked with bestsellers like Nailah. Our order with Llorens was placed at the fair and we’re expecting it in late March – very excitedly I hasten to add! Petitcollin is coming in May/June which is a pity that it is halfway through the year again. Let’s hope that it’s on time unlike last year. We saw the Vestida de Azul collection at the fair but we’re still waiting for the 2018 catalogue to be able to place our order, so it could be a little while before new Vestida dolls arrive. Fortunately, we still have lots in stock from our last delivery, including the very popular Marina and Tonino dolls.

Meanwhile we have another Boneka dolls delivery!!! It’s arriving on Wednesday 21st March, along with some clothing and shoes – so check the website on Wednesday and Thursday for all new items.

As always, we respond to your requests and we’re excited to be almost at the point of telling you about Inspired. For now what I will say is:

If Chosen is My Doll Best Friend’s response to your request for the dolls of your dreams to come true, then Inspired takes its originality from our urge to be creative. For Inspired is all about a spontaneous development and a response to an idea we wish to explore through dolls. Expect to see an evolution of ideas and interpretations.

And because it’s nearly Easter (bunny), as Bugs Bunny says:  “And Dat’s De End!”

TOY FAIR 2018!…

2. News & Views

In 2018

This blog post was supposed to be: News, Views & Highlights from the Nuremberg Toy Fair; but, as it reached 4000 words in draft, we did a little pruning, and we’re left with News & Views! For Highlights check each new brand-related post on the blog, or simply read on in the Doll In-Site magazine.  News without the best bits can seem a bit bleak; nonetheless, we wanted to provide updates on all the brands that were at the fair that you might reasonably expect to see in stock at My Doll Best Friend.

Here we have a group of three: Paola Reina; D’Nenes, and Kidz ‘n’ Cats.

Beginning with Paola Reina: we didn’t visit the booth this year. Whilst their dolls are lovely we discovered a difference in objectives over the course of the three years working together.

Read more…


Kruselings at Toy Fair

New clothes in 2018?

These sweet little dolls first became available in Autumn 2017 and have proved popular with our international customers in particular. The Kruselings were displayed in a woodland forest, caught on branches to make the magical fairy versions look like they were flying: sweet! On the woodland floor the casually dressed Kruselings were busily playing. Some were climbing trees, others carrying wood, some helping each other climb over the fallen tree trunks, while others played hide and seek.


Kruselings for 2018 - What's coming up?


Obviously not a secret!

Kathe Kruse ‘New Big Sophie’

The product line we already purchase from Kathe Kruse is the 2017 Kruselings dolls sculpted by artist Sonja Hartmann. However, My Doll Best Friend may be buying a bit more this year as we spotted some rather beautiful new dolls due to be released in the Autumn-Winter. They looked very like the Kathe Kruse doll Sophie. Sort of ‘big Sophie’; taller and more relatable to today’s children: one we like much more. She wasn’t alone. Playing in a tall dolls house were seven fashionably attired slim vinyl dolls with long glossy hair: four blondes, two brunettes and a doll with purple hair.

On my return from the toy fair I came across this photo…


New doll collection from Kathe Kruse for Autumn 2018

Ciao Bimba Exclusives


Ciao Bimba only launched the brand in 2017 and we found they were constantly doing something new throughout the year as they came to understand their business more based on hearing repeated requests. The 46cm Darling dolls were introduced as Mini Darling dolls at 40cm due to the discovery that this was the more popular size. In addition, the brand found that the more lifelike weft hair was more popular than the traditional mohair. Further, the more neutral Liberty Art fabrics were preferred to the brighter prints. The result was that they brought out a new collection of dolls just before Christmas  to satisfy the repeat requests for dolls that fit these criteria; consequently they did not have anything new for general release at the Toy Fair.

Having said that, we did pick up a couple of gorgeous exclusives…


Ciao Bimba Waldorf doll exclusive to My Doll Best Friend


 Gotz Dolls Celebrates 60 Yrs at Toy Fair

Gotz celebrated 60 years at the Spielwarenmesse this year!  Isn’t it a magnificent accomplishment for a family to have led the doll business in Europe for more than six decades and remain privately owned? Gotz does not brag about its innovations and its compelling place in doll history, or its leading role in today’s children’s doll market.

Contrast the sobriety of Gotz’s success with the frivolity we see in the clothing of the 2018 doll collection and you might be amused at the seeming contradiction: but it’s its winning formula. Gotz stands for integrity in children’s toys and in business partnerships; consistently good value, and lots of humour and playfulness. It’s why children and adults love Gotz dolls so much!

Read more


Schildkrot Consistently Delights

At The Toy Fair


Schildkrot is always a highlight of the Spielwarenmesse! Wherever you find Schildkrot you find a little corner of treasure. This year it was a very little corner having been acquired by Stadlbauer in 2014 it was subsumed for the first time within its booth in Hall 6 rather than with the rest of the doll brands in Hall 1. No less spectacular for its diminutive size, the Schildkrot booth was pretty in pastels and fabulously interesting in detail and design. What an artist doll company can do better than many others is excel in range of dolls. They have a fabulous array and it felt like they had displayed one of everything.



Nuremberg Toy Fair

Photos and Films Index
See what we saw through our camera lens at the Nuremberg Toy Fair and learn what’s coming into our doll shop this 2018!

It’s been a thrill to put this Index of Photo Albums & Films together for you again to share the latest collections from brands: Gotz, Schildkrot, Petitcollin, Vestida de Azul, Llorens, Ciao Bimba and Kathe Kruse. All exhibited at the international trade-buying toy fair and mesmerised us with the beauty of their dolls.


Photos and films of dolls at Nuremberg Toy Fair 2018

Somebunny Loves You


Are you looking for an alternative to chocolate this Easter? Perhaps there will be enough chocolate in the house already, or maybe someone can’t eat chocolate (or shouldn’t!). We have some Easter gift alternatives that will make perfect treats. They’re perfect from the Easter Bunny or as little prizes for your own special Easter Egg Hunt at home. What’s best is it gives children something to play with in the Easter holidays, and it won’t ruin their appetites!

Get imaginative with cute furry bunny rabbits, or a bunny rabbit dressed doll.  If you have to give chocolate then why not fill a miniature picnic basket with mini eggs for dolls? It’s the colourful, tasty healthy option this Easter.


Alternative Easter Gifts for Children: Somebunny Loves You.


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