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Fri 20th October 2017

Gotz Happy Kidz Anna Loves Paris

1 Editor’s Note & Gallery SpotNews & what to look out for!

2 Cover story – Anna Loves Paris by Gotz

3 NEW  BRAND: Ciao Bimba…

4 Ciao Bimba – A Waldorf Philosophy…
5 Boneka Dolls – Tuesday’s Child
6 Thinking Christmas Gifts? Watch this Gotz film
7 NEW Carptatina DollJames William…
8 Gender Stereotyped Toys: The BBC2 Experiment 
9  The Importance of a Doll Just Like You: Hijabi Dolls
10 FREE Knitting Pattern: Kitty Cat 3 
11  Press Release: Maru & Friends Limited Edition Mini Raven
Gotz Anna Loves Paris Doll  Dog 2017
Gotz Anna Loves Paris Doll Dog 2017

1. Editor’s Note

Maxine – Editor, MD

News: There was a whisper of Boneka dolls coming soon, and immediately our email inboxes started shaking excitedly with customer emails!

Cover girl Anna Loves Paris by Gotz, is off on adventures already, to new homes all over the world.

This Black History Month (UK) we’re excited to tell you about a new Mini Pal doll from Maru & Friends, Mini Raven, who will join also new, Mini Pal Halle, both arriving in November. Pre-orders are open.

October sees the completion of this year’s expansion into baby dolls: dolls for bathtime; for cuddling at bedtime, and dressing in the day: all are new in stock! Gotz Muffin, Maxy Muffin, Aquini and Cookie dolls are here – and we have clothes too!

Long awaited Llorens Helene and Olga are in stock now! They are 100% worth the wait!

With just 2 pay dates left until Christmas dolls are leaving us now quicker than they are arriving.

Gallery Spot

The Gallery Spot in this edition of Doll In-Site recognises the quiet beauty of dolls and the hobbies they inspire. We have sent a thank you gift in the post to the member of our doll forum who posted the pic.

Enjoy the magazine!

The new Gotz Signature Edition doll is released in time for the 2017 holiday season and is already a HUGE hit! Gotz Happy Kidz Anna Loves Paris…

About Anna Loves Paris…


It’s Autumn, and we’re in Paris with Anna. Between the Eiffel Tower to the north west and the École Militaire to the south east is the wonderful Parisian park of the Champ de Mars. Situated next to the Eiffel Tower, the park is as majestic and as beautiful as ever in the Autumn sunshine.  It’s the sort of place that L.M. Montgomery, author of Anne of Green Gables might have stood and proclaimed, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

Read more

Gotz Happy Kidz Anna Loves Paris doll



Waldorf Inspired Dolls: The Story

Ciao Bimba is the story of a great friendship between a talented doll maker and her greatest fan.  Ciao Bimba was inspired by Waldorf doll artist Maria Asenova whose customer so loved her dolls (but did not like the months-long wait for her turn to have one made) that she convinced Maria to work with her and make these Waldorf styled dolls accessible to children everywhere by establishing Ciao Bimba.

Ciao Bimba dolls come dressed in beautiful Liberty print clothing and many of the fabrics are also used for the girls’ clothing, which is available in ages 2-7 years.

Read more…

Ciao Bimba girl and doll matching clothing. Waldorf dolls for sensory experience


A Waldorf Philosophy

Sensory play, natural materials:
a child’s delight

Children delight in sensory play: we’ve all seen their faces light up when they open the curtains to the sight of the first snow. We’ve heard the giggles as they splash in puddles! We’ve seen calmness come over them as they settle to the sound of music, and we’ve watched them cuddle a favourite toy and comforted; fall asleep. But, do we really appreciate how profoundly important it is for a young child to hold and play with materials that nourish their senses?

Read more


Ciao Bimba Waldorf dolls for sensory toy play


Boneka Dolls

Tuesday’s Child

A large delivery of Boneka Tuesday’s Child dolls arrived in September and sold out within days! No time to market them because they had gone – so this time we wanted to let you know that we will receive part 2 of the Tuesday’s Child delivery in the third week of October, and we already have photos of these 3 dolls because we received some of each last time. Georgette, Lane and Tammy are their names.

The exciting news is that we are also waiting for Boneka Monday’s Child dolls and on order we have dolls with green painted eyes, and brown painted eyes. Like you, we haven’t seen what they will look like yet so can’t share any photos or other information with you. Another piece of news just coming in from Boneka is that there will be brown vinyl dolls again next year – exciting!


Boneka Tuesday’s Child Lane


Christmas shopping?

Gotz has a vast range of options

When we visited the Nuremberg Toy Fair we took lots of photos and made them into a video. It’s probably more relevant now than ever as you all agonise over what to buy for people.  Why not sit back, watch the film and be entertained by photos of some of the most beautiful dolls for children and even adults – on the planet!

For Gotz dolls you can choose from an abundance of colourful and stylish clothing and accessories, that make fab stocking fillers, or presents from other family members.

Check out the panda theme and all the glitter and sparkle accessories!

Gotz Dolls Clothes & Accessories 2017

Gotz Dolls Clothing & Accessories Film From Nuremberg 2017

Gotz Dolls Film

Carpatina Dolls James William boy doll

Would you like to own James William?

Carpatina James William


We have a short list of customers who would like this handsome new doll by Carpatina dolls, and if we can increase the list by a few more customers we’ll place an order for James William to come to UK. If you would like James, please tell us if you would like him just wearing his white clothes for £134.99 or in his full outfit including extremely detailed coat and hat, for £179.99.

Pre-order Form


Gender Stereotyped Toys

The BBC 2 Experiment…

Are you sure you don’t gender-stereotype children? This was the question posed in the second programme of BBC2’s current series exploring the effect of gender stereotyping on children.


Edward, dressed as “Sophie”

Gender Stereotyped Toys; The BBC 2 Experiment

A doll just like you..


At My Doll Best Friend we’re passionate about offering a wide range of dolls to reflect the beauty we all have. Blonde haired white vinyl dolls are in abundance in the toy market, and representation of the spectrum of skin shades and hair types of human beings is not.

A doll just like you means that you are accepted, valued and that you feel you belong in the community and society.

But, don’t just take our word for it!

Read the story of the Hijabi dressed dolls and Sheza’s own thoughts and experiences, as she learned for herself what it meant to be given hijabi dressed dolls for her community.


just like you

The importance of a doll just like you: hijab dressed dolls



Knitting Pattern
Kitty Cat: 3

Modelled by exclusive Gotz Happy Kidz Rosie and Kitty dolls, but made to fit many dolls, we offer for FREE, this new doll’s cape knitting pattern, in two lengths.

The lacy knit cape co-ordinates with the lacy knit in patterns Kitty Cat 1 and Kitty Cat 2, which are also FREE dolls clothes knitting patterns.

We’d love to see the long cape worn by Carpatina dolls, with their medieval gowns underneath!

Enjoy your dolls, and enjoy your hobbies! Show us what you make please, by posting your photos in the doll forum, and on Facebook!

Shop Kitty-Cat: 3



Raven Mini Pal

african beauty


We’re excited to announce that Maru & Friends have not one, but two delightful new Mini Pals coming soon! They are both of African doll descent!

First to be announced was Halle Mini Pal, and now Raven Mini Pal – who will be limited to just 200 dolls worldwide.

Her skin is dark brown, with a rosy glow to her cheeks and her vinyl is hard and porcelain-like.

You can buy both at this stage as our Pre-order Form has opened but we still have some of each doll available!



Maru and Friends Raven African Mini Pal Doll by Dianna Effner
The delivery is expected in November, so in time for Christmas if you wish to put one away for yourself!



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