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Fri 30th June 2017

Doll In-Site Magazine 7 Schildkrot Wichtel Doll



1 Editor’s Note & Gallery Spot 

2 Cover story – Customised Wichtel dolls exclusive to our shop!

3 Petitcollin  Arrival of Finouche, Starlette & more…

4 Travel – 5 Summer essentials for holiday…
5 Paola Reina Boy Doll Wichtel sibling?
6 Llorens   Sophie & Angelina
7 Olivia Stand Up! – Baby doll that stands up
8 Press Release – Gotz Happy Kidz Paris doll
9 Press Release – Maru & Friends Mini Halle doll…

Sports Camp Clothes

1. Editor’s Note

Maxine – Editor, MD

Heat waves, bright Petitcollin clothes, long awaited Sylvia Natterer dolls. It’s hotting up to be a great Summer!

That’s just the beginning: we’ve got holiday essentials, baby dolls that stand up, exclusive Wichtel dolls and not one but two press releases in this Doll In-Site!!!
Watch our Llorens doll film, read about Fidel our new boy doll from Paola Reina and check out the NEW section for wardrobe updates!

So have a read, maybe a lie down from all the excitement – on your sun lounger of course – and keep checking the website regularly this July to see what’s newly arrived…

As always, the Gallery Spot features a photo from the doll forum and there’s a thank you gift in the post to the member who posted the pic. Summer holidays are for hobbies, so take inspiration from Gotz Charlotte opposite, get creative, use your imagination and make your doll something special. Enjoy the magazine!

Gallery Spot


Cover Story…

2. Customised Wichtel Dolls

Schildkrot Exclusives!

Dolls so special that you can only buy them here

Rosemarie Muller, the acclaimed doll artist known for her Wichtel dolls permits German manufacturer Schildkrot Puppen to produce some of her dolls for their collection.  Now Schildkrot has produced some exclusive dolls just for My Doll Best Friend customers. This represents excellent value for beautiful variations on the Schildkrot dolls. Essentially, what you are getting is a customised Wichtel doll at Schildkrot prices – don’t miss this opportunity!

Read more…

Customised Wichtel from Schildkrot

Schildkrot Wichtel Dolls



NEW – Finouche 2017 dolls…

Petitcollin Finouche Hannah, Noemie, Alix & Melanie – we have the full complement of brand new Finouche dolls from Petitcollin now in stock! They are every bit as stunning as expected, and we love so many features such as Alix’s green eyes, freckles and red hair; Hannah’s uber cool clothes and Noemie’s sparkling blue eyes and dark brown hair. Also in the delivery was Starlette Julia, Bibichou dolls, brand new Minette Fanny who is 27cm and lots of clothes and shoes to dress your Sylvia Natterer dolls.

Soon we’ll receive Minouche and the rest of the 2017 dolls!

Shop Petitcollin!

Finouche Hannah & Noemie

Petitcollin Sylvia Natterer Finouche dolls 2017 in stock at My Doll Best Friend

Paola Reina

Boy doll Fidel


Paola Reina is a brand that supplies some of our most popular doll ranges: Las Amigas, Gorjuss by Santoro, Soy Tu, Las Reinas, Los Pikolines and now, “Los Paolitos”. What we love about Fidel from Los Paolitos is his cute face. Fidel is a boy doll who has warmed our hearts with his sweet lopsided smile.

Is he mischievous, naughty, cheeky, a prankster or simply shy and pure?

His smile’s very clever because he can be just like any little boy with all of these characteristic expressions on his face. This is great in play where children want their little buddy to take on many roles as they express emotions and play out the story in their imagination.

Certainly the adaptability of his face to any kind of imaginative play is what appeals the most to us about this little boy doll.

Read more…

Paola Reina Los Paolitos Fidel boy doll and Schildkrot Wichtel doll Mona


Sophie & Angelina


We first saw the Llorens dolls at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in early 2017 and we were bowled over by the beautiful faces and graceful poses of the 42cm articulated dolls. New to the market in 2017, only the prototypes were available to see at the show. The prototypes were magnificent and we placed our order without a moment’s hesitation. It took a while for Llorens to oversee the first production but excitingly this week we received our first delivery!

Angelina and Sophie are absolutely gorgeous. Take a look at this film we’ve put together for you to get acquainted with their precious looks:

Read more and watch film



Baby Stand Up!

so cute…

There are baby dolls that lie, sit, cry, say “mama, papa! but this is the first baby doll that looks like a real bald baby that has just found her feet and is about to discover the world. We find her incredibly funny!

Olivia Stand Up! is a 30cm tall vinyl baby doll that is made like our regular child dolls from Vestida de Azul, firm enough to stand up, wear shoes and join in with the big children – the kind of big that pre-schoolers are to a baby!

A number of us remember our first child walking whilst barely having any hair and it’s a hilarious sight! Now Olivia is just like that little 10 month old baby that looks impossible on two feet!

Shop Vestida


Press Release

Paris doll nuremberg 16


Gotz Happy Kidz Paris


Paris is a Gotz Signature Edition Happy Kidz doll arriving in Autumn 2017 and available for pre-order now.

Gotz Signature Edition signifies Paris has curly blonde hair, grey-brown eyes, 9 joints and is part of the Happy Kidz range of dolls by Gotz. Pre-orders opened. Click PRE-ORDER to take you to the form.

  Read more…


Maru and friends doll Mini Halle


Maru & Friends Mini Halle


Let’s welcome Halle™ to our collector’s series of mini pals!

This African-American beauty, is set to thrill with her dark eyes, long lashes, unique facial

features and tight afro-curls!

Pre-orders opened. To reserve a Mini Halle doll, click PRE-ORDER to take you to the form.

 Read more…

Press Release

Maru and Friends Mini doll Halle with dark brown African vinyl, black curly hair


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