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Sun 14th May 2017

Doll In-Site magazine cover featuring First Holy Communion doll Lidia by Paola Reina

1 Editor’s Note & Gallery Spot 

2 First Holy Communion Gifts  Dolls to be played with and cherished 

3 Picnic With Dolls – New! Picnic accessories for dolls
4 Doll Showcase Magazine –  Susan Brewer guest blogs!
5 Mini Savannah & Chad – Clearing customs now! 
6 Schildkrot Toddler Dolls – Here now and full of character! 
7 Hot right NOW! – Doll shorts! 
8 Top Cats: Teddy Bear Kittens – for Chosen dolls Rosie & Kitty!
9 Boneka Doll Fashion  – for Wichtel, Mini Maru, Minouche and more… 
10 Wichtel – 10 special customised Schildkrot dolls!!! 
First holy communion doll gifts for girls
First Holy Communion Carlota dolls by Vestida de Azul

1. Editor’s Note

Maxine – Editor, MD

Pink blossom on trees, lilac wisteria on houses and bluebells in woods have inspired our homepage colour scheme and this edition of Doll In-Site magazine.

We feature First Holy Communion dolls as perfect gifts for the occasion. Not only will these celebratory dolls be cherished forever, they have immediate play potential. It’s why we loves dolls as gifts!

We’re picnicking in our shorts and t-shirts in May. The New section abounds with shorts, t-shirts, Summer dresses and picnic accessories for dolls.

As always there’s excitement here with Mini Maru dolls Savannah and Chad arriving in a week, just after our customised Schildkrot Wichtel dolls reach us. Continue reading for more info…

The Gallery Spot features a photo from the doll forum and we have a thank you gift in the post to the member who posted the pic. Enjoy the magazine!

Gallery Spot

Bluebells – Pam

SPANISH dolls…

2. First Holy Communion Gifts

Dolls to be played with and cherished

Why is a doll a good gift to give a child celebrating their First Holy Communion?

Perhaps you’re trying to decide between a doll and another gift. Here’s why we believe a doll is a fabulous gift to give. Beautiful dolls touch our hearts in a way that objects rarely can. A very specially selected gift will have the recipient remembering your thoughtfulness for a long time.  It’s quite hard to find these dolls on the internet and I’d guess nearly impossible in the shops, therefore people will know you must have unturned a few stones to find this treasure. Children always remember who gave them what!!!

Read more…

First Holy Communion doll gift for girl

Picnic With Dolls


Is there a more lovely way to spend the Summer than having picnics al fresco? We love the idea of a picnic with dolls, children, parents and grandparents sat together on a rug eating sandwiches prepared earlier, packed in foil or tupperware, popped into a basket. We say the sun is out, so pack up your hampers and head off for a dolly picnic! Memories are made of afternoons like this.

The picnic is a great British tradition originating 200 years ago, now celebrated nationally each year. National Picnic Week has an official date in the calendar between 16th-25th June in 2017.

We set the hamper down in all kinds of places: beside lakes, in the middle of green fields, even beautiful sandy beaches, tucking into everything from sandwiches and milkshakes to scrumptious pink iced doughnuts! No reason why you can’t pack pizza and a fizzy drink either – whatever you enjoy!

Read more…

Doll Showcase

by Susan Brewer


We’re delighted to introduce Susan Brewer to our readers. Some of you may already know Susan from Doll Showcase magazine, or as the author of your favourite doll books.

“I can’t remember a time when I didn’t own a doll. Even as a baby I had a cloth Baby Bunting doll, which was very fashionable at the time, and I suppose I must have had a dozen or so composition and hard plastic dolls (not including the miniatures in my dolls house), before it was time to ‘give them up as I was a big girl now’…”.

Read more…

Doll Showcase Magazine written by doll collector and enthusiast Susan Brewer

Mini Savannah

& Chad


The end of May heralds the arrival of the much anticipated latest two Mini dolls from Maru and Friends: Mini Savannah and Mini Chad. They join Mini Maru and Mini Tanya dolls. Maru and Friends had a unique idea inspired by a personal story about a real Latina child migrating to USA  and adapting to life there.  They brought their idea to life using their own vision, a master doll artist, high-quality materials, and impressive attention to detail.

Now they’ve replicated this vision in the increasingly popular “mini doll” category to create a set of four 33cm tall doll friends. The latest to join the series are Mini Savannah and Mini Chad. The arrival of Mini Savannah and Chad at My Doll Best Friend is…

Read more…

chad upside down

Schildkrot Toddler Dolls


Schildkrot toddler dolls are mesmerising and I can only imagine the joy of  being a child and having one of these dolls in my arms. We’ve just bought two varieties, both 37cm in length which is perfect for young children. The first is Strampelchen and the second is Schlummerle. Their distinct difference is a different face, the first having painted eyes and the latter having closing or sleep eyes.

Wall doll new 3

Dolls give your legs some love! Whether your dolls keep them for holidays abroad or they just like spending the weekends chilling in them, our blue denim, white denim and cool cotton shorts have you sorted.

Hot right NOW!


We’ve got the latest trends in cotton, turn ups, frayed, high waisted and denim – we’re talking shorts! Show off enviable doll legs, keep cool and look the height of fashion whether your doll is scooting in the park, having friends over for a lunchtime barbecue or on a beach holiday this Summer. Dress your dolls with black tights underneath their denim shorts if you’re cool in UK, or with bikini top and sunglasses if you’re hot in the south of France!

Shop Shorts!


Dolls clothes shorts for 18 inch dolls


Top Cats:

Teddy Bear Kittens
for Chosen dolls Rosie & Kitty!

Cats with colour & character…

Meet four very special teddy bear kittens, made for our Gotz Happy Kidz Chosen dolls, Rosie and Kitty.

We’d like to introduce you to Rosalyn and Oreo with hand painted blue glass eyes, and Sasha and Rocco with stunning hand painted green eyes.

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Unique small handmade cats for the cat collector or the doll lover


BONEKA doll fashion

In 4 sizes

Boneka doll fashion is now stocked to fit: Mini Maru dolls, Minouche dolls, Wichtel dolls, Mini Fun In Faith and Mini Kidz ‘n’ Cats dolls, Heidi Plusczok and Boneka dolls!

Dreamy fabrics, smocking, applique, romantic designs, leather shoes: we have all this in stock from Boneka!


Shop Now!



10 special customised Schildkrot dolls!!!

We have a very special delivery on its way from Schildkrot, in agreement with artist Rosemarie Muller. We have been granted an order of 10 special customised Schildkrot Wichtel dolls. Here’s what’s coming in a week’s time:

2 x Rosi face, hazel-brown eyes, long brown hair plaits
2 x Rosi face, grey-blue eyes, long brown hair plaits
2 x Frieda face, grey-blue eyes, long blonde hair plaits
2 x Frieda face, Frieda 2017 hazel-brown, long brown hair plaits
2 x Mona face, hazel-brown eyes, long red hair plaits, or red hair like her own 



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