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How Children Play With Dolls

Sat 26th November 2016

When making an investment in children’s toys you’ve got to know how children actually play to make the spend worthwhile! Nobody wants to part with hard earned cash on a toy that will languish at the back of a cupboard. Here’s our years of experience and knowledge shared with you to help you prioritise and make the best purchasing decisions.

1. The Doll

Ask a child what they want from My Doll Best Friend website and invariably they’ll say a doll! Reply from the parent: ‘But you’ve got a doll, what else would you like?’ It’s still a doll. In our experience another doll is what they really do want, but why?
For stimulating play there needs to be at least two dolls that can play with each other while the child creates the personalities, and develops the story. Children know this! If a book had just one character how good would the story be? With more dolls the play can be so much more adventurous and ultimately, absorbing.

Petitcollin Finouche Melanie

Melanie, 48cm tall vinyl doll by Sylvia Natterer £84.99

Vestida de Azul Paulina

Paulina 33cm tall vinyl doll made in Spain £39.99

Paola Reina Soy Tu Emma

Emma 44cm vinyl doll made in Spain £39.99

Gotz Hannah

Gotz Hannah at the Ballet African American doll 48cm vinyl doll £79.99

Gotz Hannah

Gotz Hannah at the Ballet 48cm Asian doll £79.99

2. What to Wear?

The doll you’ve bought has a beautiful outfit, but what’s it going to wear when the child who loves it puts it to bed?

It’s Saturday morning and time for a host of sporting activities and later fun in the park. On go the converse and the jeans, but what about the doll who’s coming too??

A day in the life of a doll – well it’s exactly what we do – so plan for it to have something to wear for regular activities so it will be brought along!

3. A Good Hair Day

Styling doll hair is thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable, thought provokingly creative, and it encourages physical dexterity.
Purchasing hair styling products is a great investment in keeping the doll looking its best, and it provides an all year round activity so is sure to get lots of use!

Gotz Hair Stylist Set

Gotz Vanity Table

Gotz Vanity Table Storage Unit £39.99

Gotz Salon Chair

4. Dolls On The Piste (& Other Activites)

Many dolls are frequent flyers, travelling to faraway places for skiing holidays throughout winter months.
Some stay home and use school holidays to horse-ride, roller-skate, practise for ballet grades or something else.
Activities spark the imagination and provide creative ideas for play.

Gotz Roller Skates Set

Gotz 8 Piece Ski Set

Gotz Ballet Clothes Set

Children love to have the accessories to make their ideas authentic to enable them to develop their story.

 5. Children Build Houses, Dolls Make It Their Home


Children only need a box to make a room for a doll, but what goes inside the box is created by the imagination. A child’s goal is to create a bedroom that it would love, then to put a doll inside it and play!

6. Doll’s Best Friend – Is A Pet

Doll pets are great for story-making. Is a new puppy joining the family? A poorly cat may need a trip to the vet’s to get better.

Children come up with all sorts of injuries, medication and rehabilitation for their pets.

7. Fantasy Play

Children need time to play to process their world and handle their stress.  So, on particularly timetabled days, it’s important that they have some time for free play . There are children whose vivid imaginations are most creative in a fantasy world.  They’re drawn to the ethereal and the beautiful. Fairies, unicorns and magic are what makes them happiest.


Princesses, Fairies and Unicorn

We’ve all heard of the child with the imaginary friend, this is the world they inhabit.

8. Events & Celebrations

It’s a year full of events and celebrations which children anticipate with excitement! Birthdays, Christmas/Hanukkah/Diwali, First Holy Communion, first day at school…many more come…and then go. There are big family celebrations and small important milestones; all these experiences are part of childhood. Children frequently use real situations as background for their stories.


Occasions are opportunities for children to ask questions and learn more. All the time they play they are developing their imagination and expressing opinions and ideas.

We recommend when you shop that you get in tune with your child’s passions and bring this out further with the toys you buy – then you’ll be on exactly the right tracks and your money will be well spent!

Creative play helps children work through problems and issues and see another side of an argument. It helps with language skills, emotional and cognitive behaviour and is essential for their creative and social development. We have seen many customers shop again with us the following year because these are toys that are played with for many childhood years!

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