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  • 8 steps to parting with your cash wisely by knowing how children play with dolls

    8 Steps To Parting With Your Cash Wisely By Knowing How Children Play With Dolls

    When making an investment in children’s toys it’s worthwhile bearing in mind how children actually play to make the purchases the most rewarding. Nobody wants to part with hard earned cash on a toy that will languish…

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  • Heidi Plusczok dolls at International Puppen Fruehling

    Heidi Plusczok’s Final Year Making Artist Dolls

    I caught up with Heidi Plusczok at the Spring Festival again two years after I’d first met her there. The Internationaler Puppen Fruehling is a doll show open to the public over a weekend in…

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  • Inspired dolls by My Doll Best Friend. Limited Edition Sonja Hartmann dolls like Kiki, called Infanta Cristina and Soona of Cozumel

    My Doll Best Friend Launches Exclusive Limited Edition Dolls Called “Inspired”

    “Inspired is a spontaneous development and a response to an idea we wish to explore through dolls. Expect to see an evolution of concepts and interpretations of classic and beautiful dolls we know. Inspired dolls…

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  • News & Views From the Toy Fair

    This blog post was supposed to be: News & Highlights from the Nuremberg Toy Fair; but, as it reached 4000 words in draft, we did a little pruning, and we’re left with News! For Highlights check…

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  • Gotz Dolls Celebrates 60 Years at the Toy Fair

    Gotz celebrated 60 years at the Spielwarenmesse this year!  Isn’t it a magnificent accomplishment for a family to have led the doll business in Europe for more than six decades and remain privately owned? Gotz…

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  • Kruselings by Kathe Kruse Toy Fair 2018 Highlights

    These sweet little dolls first became available in Autumn 2017 and have proved particularly popular with our international customers. The Kruselings were displayed in a woodland forest, caught on branches to make the magical fairy…

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  • Ciao Bimba Dollsat Nuremberg Toy Fair 2018

    Ciao Bimba Dolls at Nuremberg Toy Fair 2018

    It was a pleasure to see these beautiful Ciao Bimba Waldorf style dolls again, and hard to believe that they’ve only been available for us to buy for just a year! as they’re now so…

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  • New doll brand from Kathe Kruse - Big Sophie

    Kathe Kruse “Big Sophie” 2018 Toy Fair Highlight

    The product line we already purchase from Kathe Kruse is the 2017 Kruselings dolls sculpted by artist Sonja Hartmann. However, My Doll Best Friend may be buying a bit more this year as we spotted…

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  • Kruselings – A Fashion Doll and A Fairy Action Doll: Equal to or Better than Lottie or Barbie?

    Kruselings are a new brand of children’s fashion dolls to enter the busy fashion doll market, so why could the Kruselings be worth buying, over and above Barbie or Lottie dolls, for their target age group of 4-7…

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  • Boneka Tuesday's Child doll by Dianna Effner

    Update On Boneka’s Monday’s Child & Tuesday’s Child Dolls

    We have a short and sweet update about the next Boneka delivery due in October. We will receive part 2 of the Tuesday’s Child delivery in the third week of October, and we already have photos…

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