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  • Chosen Gotz Happy Kidz Anoushka Exclusive to My Doll Best Friend

    Exclusive Chosen Gotz Happy Kidz Anoushka: July 2020

     Launching Gotz Chosen Limited Edition Happy Kidz Anoushka! We are thrilled to share with you our eighth Chosen Gotz doll. Her name is Anoushka and she’s a Limited Edition of 250 dolls exclusive to…

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  • Exclusive Chosen Gotz Happy Kidz Honor: March 2020

     It is hard to believe that it’s almost 2 years since our Chosen Gotz Happy Kidz Mariah doll was released. As an African Happy Kidz doll we knew she was special, and it seems…

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  • My Doll Best Friend Chosen Gotz Happy Kidz Isla Promotional Image November 2019 Blog

    Introducing Gotz Happy Kidz Isla: The Irresistible Chosen Doll By My Doll Best Friend & Gotz

    It is our great pleasure to introduce to our customers, Isla, the newest ravishing beauty to be created for the Chosen line. Designed to My Doll Best Friend’s specifications, Isla shares the same face sculpt…

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  • The Story so far: Chosen…..Meet Angelika the “Unseen” doll

    Meet Angelika: the Unseen doll   Limited to 250 dolls worldwide, Angelika is the fifth Chosen doll by My Doll Best Friend, and made by Gotz Puppenmanufaktur. Angelika is the first doll to be sold…

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  • Chosen Gotz Happy Kidz Gabriele limited to 250 worldwide exclusive to My Doll Best Friend

    Gorgeous Gabriele! Meet our new Chosen doll

    Gabriele is the newest addition to the My Doll Best Friend Chosen doll range; created to My Doll Best Friend’s specifications, Gabriele’s face is crafted using the iconic Gotz ‘Steiff mould’, designed by internationally acclaimed…

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  • Gotz Lily of London doll

    Lily Of London, a Gotz Autumn – Winter Special doll 2018: Letter to a Pen Pal.

    Dear Anna, I’d really like to know you, I’m Lily of London. I just moved into the house where you stayed when you briefly lived in London, and I discovered these photos of you and…

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  • Gotz Happy Kidz Mariah the exclusive Chosen doll by Gotz for My Doll Best Friend

    Introducing Gotz Happy Kidz Mariah….our beautiful new Chosen doll

    Introducing Mariah… Our beautiful new Chosen doll! Our lovely, limited-edition worldwide exclusive, My Doll Best Friend’s response to your request for the dolls of your dreams to come true. You might remember that back in 2016…

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  • Finding a doll for a 3 - 4 year old

    Finding the right doll for a 3 – 4 year old

    Top tips on finding the right a doll for a 3 – 4 year old Baby dolls and doll best friends Little ones aged 3 – 4 have rich imaginations. Their understanding of the world…

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  • Sonja Hartmann's Kidz n Cats Kiki, also reproduced as Natural Kidz Hazel, for My Doll Best Friend

    A new doll from Natural Kidz delights Sonja Hartmann fans and hobbyists!

    In July we introduced to our Inspired range, the new collection of Natural Kidz dolls, whose naked ambition is to bring a little happiness to your sewing and knitting hobbies! Finally there is a doll…

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  • Schildkrot artist dolls 2018

    What’s happening in the world of artist dolls at Schildkrot in 2018?

    Wherever you find Schildkrot you find a little corner of treasure. This year it was a very little corner having been acquired by Austrian parent Stadlbauer in 2014. It was subsumed for the first time…

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