For toddlers

  • Finding the best doll for a toddler ages 12 months plus

    Finding the right doll for a toddler

    Top tips on choosing a doll for a toddler aged 1 – 3 years Why buy a doll for a toddler? As a baby grows into a toddler, his or her development will mean new…

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  • 8 steps to parting with your cash wisely by knowing how children play with dolls

    8 Steps To Parting With Your Cash Wisely By Knowing How Children Play With Dolls

    When making an investment in children’s toys it’s worthwhile bearing in mind how children actually play to make the purchases the most rewarding. Nobody wants to part with hard earned cash on a toy that will languish…

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    We’ve got a new brand at My Doll  Best Friend, called Ciao Bimba, and the doll type is: Waldorf dolls. Waldorf dolls are compatible with a Waldorf education for nursery and early school children. They are are…

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