Doll play

  • best bath and potty dolls water play, drinking and wetting

    The best bath dolls for bathing and water play

    Especially designed bath dolls, suitable for bath time, many with additional drinking and wetting functions From splashing and squirting water at bath time to jumping in and out of the paddling pool on a hot…

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  • 8 steps to parting with your cash wisely by knowing how children play with dolls

    8 Steps To Parting With Your Cash Wisely By Knowing How Children Play With Dolls

    When making an investment in children’s toys it’s worthwhile bearing in mind how children actually play to make the purchases the most rewarding. Nobody wants to part with hard earned cash on a toy that will languish…

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  • The importance of a doll just like you: hijab dressed dolls

    Importance of a doll that’s “Just Like You”: Hijabi Dolls

    We wanted to share this story that has made the news recently because it conveys the importance of what it means to find a doll that’s just like you. It’s a much hyped subject but here’s…

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  • BBC 2 Experiment on Gender and Toys

    Gender Stereotyped Toys: The BBC2 Experiment

    Are you sure you don’t gender-stereotype children? This was the question posed in the second programme of BBC2’s current series exploring the effect of gender stereotyping on children. In the programme BBC2  conduct an experiment to…

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  • Doll Showcase Magazine cover

    Susan Brewer Writer of Doll Books & Editor of Doll Showcase Magazine

    We’re delighted to introduce Susan Brewer to our readers. Some of you may already know Susan from Doll Showcase magazine, or as the author of your favourite doll books. Susan’s first book was Tiny Tears and First…

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  • Interview with Wichtel Doll Artist Rosemarie Muller

    We are delighted to have just received images of next Wichtel dolls to make their journey to us from Germany. To introduce our new arrivals and tell us a bit more about them is talented Wichtel artist, Rosemarie Muller…

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  • Dolls To Reinforce Positive Body Images In Children

    Reinforcing Positive Body Images in Children When buying a doll for a child one of the things you might like to know is how suitable a particular doll is for the age of the child,…

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  • Sonja Hartmann Sculpting Kidz 'n' Cats Dolls

    Sonja Hartmann At Work Sculpting The New Faces For 2015

    It’s an enormous privilege to have been given these photos to share of Sonja Hartmann at work in her studio sculpting the newest additions to the very much adored Kidz ‘n’ Cats brand of #dolls.…

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  • A Doll’s Picnic

    I simply love this blog: A Doll’s Picnic and if you are not familiar with it, and you might not as it’s a relatively new blog, then go take a read and enjoy! Ali is…

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