Caring for your doll

  • up do hairstyle

    Up Do Hairstyle For Your Doll In 6 Simple Steps

    Bad hair days can be a think of the past with simple know-how! Take a look at how to create this pretty up do hairstyle for your doll. Turn long hair into a crown of…

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  • Hair Care: Curly Doll Hair

    Recently I was asked how to care for curly doll hair by a lovely customer who had purchased Kidz ‘n’ Cats Laura, a doll with the most beautiful curly brunette hair. I contacted Sonja Hartmann…

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  • Centre Parting Braids For Dolls With Rooted Hair

    When a a doll has rooted hair she usually has an area of hair that is a bit more densely rooted and this indicates where the hair parting was when she left the workshop or…

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