Wichtel Dolls

  • Schildkrot Wichtel Dolls at other artist dolls at Nuremberg Toy Fair 2018

    Schildkrot Doll Photos Taken at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2018

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  • Paola Reina Los Paolitos Fidel boy doll and Schildkrot Wichtel doll Mona

    Los Paolitos Fidel Boy doll by Paola Reina

    Paola Reina is a brand that supplies some of our most popular doll ranges: Las Amigas, Gorjuss by Santoro, Soy Tu, Las Reinas, Los Pikolines and now, “Los Paolitos”. What we love about Fidel from Los…

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  • Essential Wichtel Dolls Information, relating to Rosemarie Muller, Schildkrot and customised Wichtel dolls.

    A bit about the relationship between Rosemarie Muller and Schildkrot Puppen, and the Wichtel dolls made by both Rosemarie Muller is the doll artist who has created the exceptionally charming Wichtel dolls whose impish expressions fill…

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  • Interview with Wichtel Doll Artist Rosemarie Muller

    We are delighted to have just received images of next Wichtel dolls to make their journey to us from Germany. To introduce our new arrivals and tell us a bit more about them is talented Wichtel artist, Rosemarie Muller…

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  • Wichtel dolls sculpted by Rosemarie Muller and made by Schildkrot Pupen.

    Wichtel: Magical Powers

    If #Wichtel #dolls have anything at all in common with elves, then it is their magical powers and supernatural beauty! Dolls are the epitome of fantasy anyway, and if you have a dolly mindset then…

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  • Boneka Dolls at Puppen Fruhling, Germany 2016

    Doll Tourism At The Spring Doll Festival 2016, Munster, Germany

    The Spring Doll Festival, in Munster has become a calendar event for doll collectors in Germany looking forward to on an enjoyable day out. It’s also rapidly becoming the international destination show for doll artists…

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