Petitcollin Dolls – Sylvia Natterer

  • Petitcollin Sylvia Natterer dolls at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2018

    Petitcollin (Natterer) Doll Photos Taken at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2018

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  • Sylvia Natterer Finouche dolls Hannah and Noemie

    Sylvia Natterer dolls 2017

    Once again Petitcollin’s Sylvia Natterer dolls captivated audiences at the Nuremberg Toy Fair.  Sylvia Natterer has further increased her range of dolls to the delight of her worldwide fan base. This year at the Nuremberg Toy Fair…

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  • Nuremberg Toy Fair Petitcollin Sylvia Natterer Photos 2017

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  • Petitcollin Baby Dolls at My Doll Best Friend

    Baby dolls were a stronger offering at Nuremberg Toy Fair this year than in previous years, and it’s now very much the right time to add gorgeous Petitcollin Bibichou by Sylvia Natterer to our My Doll…

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  • A Tribute To Josephine Baker by Sylvia Natterer Luella

    A beautiful black doll inspires our tribute to the dancer, singer and civil rights activist, Josephine Baker. Starlette Luella by Sylvia Natterer at Petitcollin is the inspiration for our new tribute. We’ve dressed her in…

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  • Sylvia Natterer at Puppen Fruehling Muenster Germany 2016

    Sylvia Natterer Dolls At Puppen Fruhling 2016 in Germany

    A new delivery of Sylvia Natterer dolls arrived this week and they’ve been so popular we’ve had to re-order more straight away!  Brigitte Finouche will be arriving back in stock this week. It’s therefore a…

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  • Boneka Dolls at Puppen Fruhling, Germany 2016

    Doll Tourism At The Spring Doll Festival 2016, Munster, Germany

    The Spring Doll Festival, in Munster has become a calendar event for doll collectors in Germany looking forward to on an enjoyable day out. It’s also rapidly becoming the international destination show for doll artists…

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  • Sylvia Natterer at Petitcollin at Nuremberg Toy Fair With Minouche Olga

    Words from the doll artist Sylvia Natterer…

    #SylviaNatterer is a phenomenal artist, with a distinctive style. At #Petitcollin, this style comes through in a fresh new way – more colourful than in the recent past. Sylvia’s so talented, but she’s also modest…

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  • Sylvia Natterer Dolls As Seen At The Nuremberg Toy Fair in January 2015

    The Sylvia Natterer dolls are just about to arrive at My Doll Best Friend, after seven long months of waiting. Here’s a reminder of the dolls on display at the Toy Fair exhibition in Nuremberg…

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  • Sylvia Natterer Collection for 2015 by Petitcollin

    What can you expect to find very soon at My Doll Best Friend? Lots of fabulous new doll arrivals from our favourite quality brands of course! However, more specifically for this feature, an exhilarating event…

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