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Update On Boneka’s Monday’s Child & Tuesday’s Child Dolls

Fri 20th October 2017

Boneka Tuesday's Child doll by Dianna Effner

We have a short and sweet update about the next Boneka delivery due in October.

We will receive part 2 of the Tuesday’s Child delivery in the third week of October, and we already have photos of these 3 dolls because we received some of each last time, in part 1 delivered in September. Georgette, Lane and Haley are their names.


The exciting news is that we are also waiting for Boneka Monday’s Child dolls. On order are dolls with green painted eyes, and brown painted eyes. We haven’t seen what they will look like yet, so can’t share any photos or other information with you.

Finally, the last piece of Boneka doll news is that we will soon be placing our order for brown vinyl Boneka dolls, to arrive in 2018. There is no information yet about which moulds will have the brown vinyl – but as this information becomes available we’ll post it on the blog.

These dolls are from the archives, just to show you some examples of Monday’s Child, Tuesday’s Child and the brown Boneka vinyl. Monday’s Child is referred to as the Asian face mould. We will not receive these dolls – they are past dolls, just to remind you all of the beautiful Monday’s Child face. Click to enlarge the images.

This doll, below left, was the DOTY Industry’s choice winner in 2008 and these faces are an example of the brown vinyl Boneka dolls that we’ve seen in the past.


If you wish to keep updated about the arrival of Boneka dolls, we have an additional newsletter to our main one. You can sign up below. As these dolls are so popular, the most we can sell per order is two, and only one order per customer, so that it is as fair as possible. We know everyone is excited, but if there are 5 dolls and 50 customer emails asking to reserve one, we just can’t manage to make the maths work!

We have therefore decided:

No reservations will be taken. Everyone is invited to join up to the newsletter, and we will send the newsletter when the dolls can be purchased in the shop. Newsletter emails often end up in spam folders, so check those too!

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