First celebrated in 1987, October marks Black History Month in UK. Black History month is celebrated in February in USA, where it is also known as African-American History month. Although we're no longer in October, we will continue tributes to the achievements of black women who have stood up for human rights until the end of February to coincide with when our transatlantic neighbours complete their month of recognition. In November we focus on the achievements of Claudette Colvin.

As a pioneer of the African American Civil Rights Movement in 1955, Claudette Colvin was the first person to be arrested for resisting bus segregation in Montgomery in Alabama.

Among five other plaintiffs, Claudette Colvin testified before a three-judge panel that heard her case in the United State District Court. It was on June 13th 1956, that the judges came to a final conclusion and determined that the local laws that required bus segregation were unconstitutional. It was then the case reached the United State Supreme Court, and on December 17th 1956, Claudette Colvin was the last witness to testify, three days later the Supreme Court issued an order to Montgomery to end bus segregation.

However, for many years Claudette’s bold and heroic actions were not publicised due to her being a teenager, and then an unmarried mother. It was the act of her older counterpart Rosa Parks that has become the face of these courageous acts. However, due to the social norms at the time, her young age led NAACP leaders to worry about using her to symbolise the boycotts.

However, here at My Doll Best Friend, we would like to pay tribute to this fearless and strong teenager. As a schoolgirl standing up for her constitutional rights, we have created Doll Gotz Hannah, an African American doll with a story to teach children about history.





Introducing her story in front of a bus where it all began, doll Gotz Hannah is a beautiful African-American doll with gorgeous black hair and exquisite brown eyes.

She wears a bold blue knitted cardigan along with a pair of denim jeans, fitted with an elasticated waist. Her beautiful brown leather case can be used to store all of your doll’s favourite things, including history books about iconic women in history.

Her framed glasses sit perfectly on her face, whilst her gingham style shoes add a perfect touch to her look. Featuring a natural rosy glow on her cheeks, our Hannah doll makes the perfect reading companion when researching into iconic men and women from Black History Month.

We hope you share our excitement for our tribute to Claudette Colvin. Her brace and courageous acts will forever be remembered here at My Doll Best Friend and we hope to inspire you all to stand for your constitutional rights. Welcome to the family Hannah!