A shorter gestation than the anticipation of other significant arrivals but for us, six months in the planning and we can now finally reveal that we're expecting....

Not one, but two: My Doll Best Friend is expecting the arrival of two new doll brands from the USA:

The first we'd like to introduce is Via- E, Alexis O'Shay

And the second brand we're delighted to very soon offer our customers is:

Maru & Friends

The daddy in Europe is Dragonflies Dreams formerly known as Un Bonheur De Colibri who secured the distribution to the brand Maru & Friends a little while ago and has recently become the first ever distributor for the new, soon to be launched brand Via-E. Via-E and Maru & Friends will join Kidz 'n' Cats, Gotz and Schildkrot dolls on the My Doll Best Friend virtual shelves in the next few weeks, possibly by early October even. 

This is so exciting for doll fans all over the world, our UK and international customers.

Why are we celebrating?

This is exactly our niche market at My Doll Best Friend, the UK's destination shop for standing and jointed play dolls. What we're talking about is beautiful, high quality play dolls that will be durable enough to play with and sought after enough to want to collect.

What is Via-E all about?

Alexis O'Shay

The doll central to the brand is their first doll, Alexis O'Shay.
"At the center is Alexis O'Shay, our dollfriend, who travels the world writing stories about her adventures. The world she exposes is exciting, educational and filled with examples of quality relationships and responsible behavior".

Alexis is 18.5"/ 48cm tall with elbow and knee joints and a full vinyl body. 

She will be the first character to arrive with production of the second doll currently underway and due early next year, with more dolls in the collection to come.

Alexis first edition dolls are limited to 500 and will be signed. These are the dolls we have ordered for you!

What is Maru & Friends all about?

Dianna Effner, an artist doll sculptor has made the faces of the beautiful Maru & Friends dolls.

"Maru® is the true story of a young Latina girl, who comes to America in search of a better life. Soon, she meets new friends and learns she is not alone on her journey.
Each Maru and Friends® doll celebrates the beautiful attributes and culture of little girls."

These dolls are 20"/52cm tall with full vinyl bodies and tilting heads. 
First there is Maru, the central character:

Her friend, Savannah with red hair and blue eyes

There's Jamie with curly blonde hair and green eyes.

In January there will be Tanya and a new doll called Hannah.
Then there's Raven but we have no date for her arrival yet.

Maru & Friends will retail at £99.99
Maru and her dog will retail at £104.99
First edition Alexis will retail at £99.99

Start the story....

Pre-orders for the dolls are now being taken on a first come first served basis; please email: [email protected]

We recommend you order as soon as possible for your Christmas doll.