Especially designed bath dolls, suitable for bath time, many with additional drinking and wetting functions

From splashing and squirting water at bath time to jumping in and out of the paddling pool on a hot summer’s day, children delight in all sorts of water play.

Happily for doll-loving little ones, there’s also a fantastic range of bath dolls - companions specifically designed to enjoy the water with them!

Water play is not only a sensory joy for children: it’s a rich experience that allows them to stretch their imaginations as well as develop their physical abilities. Bringing a doll best friend into the bath or pool can enhance water play, adding a social dimension to simple, fun activities such as pouring, measuring and experimenting with items that sink and float.

Water safe dolls that a child can wash, jump into the paddling pool with or even teach to swim offer opportunities for new kinds of role play - perfectly complementing the stories that they dream up for their other, landlubbing dolls!

Even better, these bath dolls are expertly crafted to ensure that they dry efficiently and won’t become damaged or degraded by exposure to the water. Dolls not specifically designed for immersion in water, won't drain properly and will become mouldy, smelly and their eyes may rust. Dolls intended for the water won't suffer any such fatalities!

Some of the bath dolls in our water safe range also have drinking and wetting functions - so, even outside the bath or pool, there are more adventures to imagine with these special playmates.

Baby bath dolls

Beloved French brand Petitcollin’s tiny Petit Callin Baby Doll ‘Bubble’ set would make a special gift for a child who enjoys both water play and acting out the role of mummy, daddy or carer to their doll baby.

Including a lovely little girl with sleeping eyes as well as a baby bath, pyjamas and other accessories in their very own suitcase, this present promises rich and realistic play for little ones aged 3+, especially those who enjoy creating lifelike, everyday stories for their doll best friends to bring alive. Bubbles has a light vanilla scent, almost the scent of a freshly bathed baby!

Gotz, one of our favourite doll brands, offers a whole range of dolls designed especially for water play. Their Aquini bath dolls come in two catergories of size Small (30-33cm) and Medium (42cm) and with many different sets of accessories.

If you’re buying for a child who prefers baby dolls, the Little Aquini could be an ideal choice, especially if you want an anatomically correct bath doll. Available with different combinations of clothes and accessories, there are Little Aquinis with full vinyl bodies and painted eyes, instead of those that open and close. These are safe for children aged from 18 months.

We also adore the Gotz Cosy Aquinis: unique, water safe bath dolls that are soft-bodied for quick drying and cuddles.

The Gotz Cosy Aquini’s special filling keeps her afloat in the bath tub or pool, and this makes her look to any teacher as if she is swimming. One of these toddler dolls would be an excellent gift for a child who’d like to wash or splash with his or her doll from time to time, but is also likely to enjoy snuggling up with their dolly companion at sleep times.

If you’re looking for a doll playset for the bath that includes a doll as well as extra playthings, the Gotz Aquini range is a great place to start. With options that include everything from stethoscopes to bath sponges, you’re sure to find something your little one will love!

Toddler bath dolls

Gotz’s Maxy Aquini dolls at 42cm are bigger than their Little Aquini and Cosy Aquini siblings. They’re a good choice for slightly older children who won’t find a larger doll difficult to manoeuvre, and who’ll enjoy more sophisticated play that involves washing and styling their doll’s pretty rooted hair.

We also love Schildkrot’s My Bath Baby Doll; we believe she’ll prove irresistible to youngsters aged 4+, as well as to German doll-loving adult doll connoisseurs!

With her pretty swimming costume and cheeky, lively smile, this little lady looks like she’s ready for hours of fun in the bath or pool. At 45cm she’s an ideal size for older children, who’ll also love to care for her long, shiny, rooted blonde hair.

With her Schildkrot brand pedigree, this lovely toddler doll is one to enjoy now and treasure forever; she may well be played with through generations.

Drinking and wetting dolls

As well as being suitable for all kinds of water play, some of Gotz’s Little Aquini dolls can also drink water and wet their nappies - or, if they’re a little more grown-up, do a wee-wee on the potty!

Children love to play at feeding their babies. It’s a thrill to watch water disappear from their little one’s feeding bottle and then reappear elsewhere… The feeling of being a doll mother or father becomes exciting and real when a child is racing against time to get their doll best friend to the potty, or fasten their nappy on tight!

Gotz’s Little Aquini boy doll and Daisy girl doll we mentioned earlier, suitable from age 18 months, have full vinyl bodies,  are 100% waterproof and anatomically correct. They each come with a selection of extras including a potty.  Little Sleepy Aquini doll has closing eyes plus lots of other accessories for water play, and you can buy the potty separately if you prefer this set.