Especially designed bath dolls, suitable for bath time, many with additional drinking and wetting functions

From splashing and squirting water at bath time to jumping in and out of the paddling pool on a hot summer’s day, children delight in all sorts of water play.

Happily for doll-loving little ones, there’s also a fantastic range of bath dolls - companions specifically designed to enjoy the water with them!

Water play is not only a sensory joy for children: it’s a rich experience that allows them to stretch their imaginations as well as develop their physical abilities. Bringing a doll best friend into the bath or pool can enhance water play, adding a social dimension to simple, fun activities such as pouring, measuring and experimenting with items that sink and float.

Water safe dolls that a child can wash, jump into the paddling pool with or even teach to swim offer opportunities for new kinds of role play - perfectly complementing the stories that they dream up for their other, landlubbing dolls!

Even better, these bath dolls are expertly crafted to ensure that they dry efficiently and won’t become damaged or degraded by exposure to the water. Dolls not specifically designed for immersion in water, won't drain properly and will become mouldy, smelly and their eyes may rust. Dolls intended for the water won't suffer any such fatalities!

Some of the bath dolls in our water safe range also have drinking and wetting functions - so, even outside the bath or pool, there are more adventures to imagine with these special playmates.

Baby bath dolls

Beloved French brand Petitcollin’s tiny Petit Callin Baby Doll ‘Bubble’ set would make a special gift for a child who enjoys both water play and acting out the role of mummy, daddy or carer to their doll baby.