One of our favourite #doll brands #Paola Reina which is made in Spain makes the most stunning doll clothing that fits a wide range of dolls we sell. Take a look at the photos in this post - they are all Paola Reina outfits made for their Soy Tu range of dolls which are 44cm tall. We have them photographed on Gotz Happy Kidz, Classic Kidz, Hannah and Precious Day dolls, Kidz n Cats dolls, Maru & Friends dolls, and Sasha dolls.

At My Doll Best Friend we are delighted to stock the Soy Tu dolls as well as their clothes and shoes.

This is Gotz Classic Kidz Luisa wearing Lilac Floral Dress Set which actually fits most of the above mentioned dolls including the American Girl doll. It is a 3 piece set consisting of gorgeous floral headband, lilac capri leggings and a beautiful lilac floral dress with lots of detail.

Savannah, a beautiful Maru & Friends doll is wearing it here.




Savannah is wearing her Paola Reina outfit with Carpatina doll shoes which fit the Maru & Friends dolls perfectly.

This is the outfit from the back - it looks so pretty.

This is Gotz Precious Day Jessica and she is wearing the Pink Floral dress which comes with ribbon hair tie, knickers and red socks.

Gotz Classic Kidz Luisa is wearing the stunningly beautiful Purple Dress Set consisting of dress, tights, hair tie and purple 3/4 sleeve cardigan. This outfit works for Summer or Winter as it is has such pretty edging to the sleeveless dress and it is nice to show it off in the Summer, without the cardigan.


Luisa is wearing the cardigan that comes with the set in these next photos. This outfit suits the Kidz n Cats dolls well as there isn't much size difference between them and the Happy/Classic Kidz. The Soy Tu dolls also have slim vinyl bodies not very different to these dolls although they are shorter.




Gotz Hannah is wearing Paola Reina Soy Tu Amor's Striped Bubble Dress and knickers. There's a lilac ribbon tie included which she isn't wearing. This dress also looks wonderful on the Kidz n Cats dolls.


I think these girls are wearing the Summer outfits from Paola Reina.
The following outfits work for Summer or Winter, depending on how the pieces are worn.


Kidz n Cats Aletta is wearing an outfit that looks as good with boots for the Winter as it does with loafers for the Spring. Her headband is actually a scarf and if you look carefully you will see that the fabric co-ordinates with a couple of other outfits in this post, making great mix and match outfits for anyone wanting to be creative.
The outfit Aletta is wearing is the Striped Top and Leggings and it fits many dolls from the Gotz to Via-E Alexis. I love the stretchy t-shirt and leggings underneath which on their own look like perfect lounging around the house clothes and mix and match well with other outfits.
We love her with the pumps on, below.

These are the Winter girls. Aletta is wearing her outfits with boots this time (below). Sasha on the left is wearing the smaller fitting Soy Tu outfit, the Heart Blouse Set. It is too small for the other dolls but works well for the Soy Tu dolls and also Sasha. The set consists of gorgeous heart blouse, navy corduroy skirt, cream tights and grey jacket. Sasha's shoes are new ones at My Doll Best Friend bought in for Sasha doll enthusiasts. We have this style in black and white.

Can you see that each of the dolls below is wearing some of the same fabric in their outfits? Great for children who like to mix and match and for adult collectors who like to co-ordinate groups of dolls they have on display.

Aletta, like all the Kidz n Cats fits very well into the rather stylish Paola Reina black boots, as you can see below. We love these!


Paola Reina Soy Tu clothes are a good fit on Kidz n Cats dolls. Lena on the right is wearing the denim Jeans Outfit, pink t-shirt and 3/4 sleeve denim jacket and around her wrist she has the hair scrunchie which comes with the outfit.

Kidz n Cats Grace is wearing the Striped Bubble dress you saw on Gotz Hannah above. Lena and Grace (above) are both wearing Paola Reina shoes which fit the Kidz n Cats dolls.





Here are all our gorgeous girls again, wearing the Paola Reina Soy Tu clothes. If you would like to know the prices of the outfits you can click on the links within this post or visit My Doll Best Friend where all the clothes and shoes are listed. Each of the outfits listed has been tried on a range of dolls and the description in the listing on the website will tell you if it fits a particular doll. We also have a new Doll Measurements feature on the website which may help to answer some doll size related questions.

The Paola Reina Soy Tu dolls are a great friend for your other dolls, particularly as they can share many clothes and shoes. The Soy Tu dolls are priced at £39.99 with some in the sale at £34.99, so they make a great treat for someone special!