Anna has known Tim since they were toddlers sat in their buggies with thumbs in their mouths.  They met in a sandpit in a London park one Saturday morning in late summer, immediately bonding over the joy of a single found spade in an otherwise toy less sandpit. This fact and many other similar ones can be oh so embarrassing at times, particularly as they have no recollection of their early friendship so they never know what their mothers will reveal next!
Anna and Tim have always got along well and looked forward to catching up, bowling, tennis and just general hanging out.
The thing is this year Anna has started to feel a little bit different about Tim.  She catches herself thinking about him- wondering if he would like this music or that, if he's been here or there.  It's fair to say she's been day-dreaming about Tim.

It's Valentine's Day soon and she would like to let him know that he's special to her so she has bought him a really cute chocolate car and has asked him over on the pretext of heading off out to the cinema.  That's the easy bit done...she didn't think she'd be so nervous about actually giving him a gift- it's only chocolate- what's the big deal she's done that before?! She can't stop herself thinking,  what if he just wants to be friends?.

What Anna doesn't know is that Tim has been finding her so smart and funny recently, so tall and pretty that he's been doing some day-dreaming of his own!
He's decided he wants to make her feel special, it's a great opportunity afterall they've arranged to get together today at Anna's house, which just so happens to be February 14th.
 'I wonder if Anna's realised that?' thinks Tim.
So they're in the kitchen at Anna's house, Tim with his box of chocolate hearts wrapped in red foil and Anna with her chocolate car.  They're kind of sitting next to each other but there's this huge gap in the middle, so Tim shuffles his chair towards Anna's, keeping hold of the chocolates.


'Awkward' thinks Anna.  Normally they're full of conversation, catching up on what they've been up to at the weekends and chatting about the new favourite ipad apps.  But there's this silence and Anna can see he's also got some chocolates for her that he's not handing over!  Should she be the first one???
Anna thinks of something to say 'How's Aunty Catherine?' This is Tim's mum. Please, please don't answer that thinks Anna THAT'S THE LAST THING I WANT TO TALK ABOUT RIGHT NOW!!

Tim gets that now or never moment, jumps up and ignoring her question says 'I've got these for you Anna, I wanted to give you a gift...for Valentine's Day' because I've been thinking about you a lot and you are gorgeous.  'Oh, thank you Tim.  Anna blushes and grins.I'm sooo pleased you said that, I've got you something too'.


Thanks Anna...'You make my heart race' Tim reads aloud as he takes hold of his racing car chocolate. Anna blushes again and bows her head slightly...awkward!
But they both laugh and with that the silence is gone and they start to chat about how nervous they both were and so relieved that they're not the only one!


'Let's put this chocolate to good use and go and watch a film', Anna whispers in Tim's ear.
'Let me guess, Rom-Com?'
Anna replies 'Yes- but we've never sat on the back row before!'.


As they made their way to the door to pick up their coats Tim cheekily quips 'So, does this mean you want us to date?
'I DO!'
Not THOSE words- oh no!