It's always fun to hear about what happens to the dolls when they leave the shop, there's always a reason why they're bought, these are not necessary purchases afterall.  Occasionally I get to share in what the reason is and this can be the start of a lovely conversation and online friendship as it was in this case.

One lovely lady's second purchase from me was two red dresses and red shoes for her dolls. Two red dresses? There are lots of dresses in the shop before I'd buy two red dresses! Anyway, one dress was a bit short to wear without dolly knickers so I popped a pair in the parcel with the red dresses. This started our conversation and it turned out this lady was about to celebrate her Ruby Wedding Anniversary with her friends and family and she was going to include her dolls in her big day, all dressed in red, with red hair, just like her!  

This totally captured my imagination! I love this sort of adult doll play!  What fun in the planning! What fun for everybody else on the day! How beautiful everyone was going to look, I thought!

Then a week later, lucky me, I was sent a photograph of this lady's red haired dolls with ruby jewellery she was making for them to wear on the day. Handmade, sparkly diamond, pearl and ruby necklaces! I put it on the facebook page and was very happy to see lots of you liked the photograph too!

A few days later, in the post I received a parcel; a most beautifully wrapped little parcel in gold tissue, a red organza bag and inside, an exquisite piece of handmade ruby, pearl and diamond doll jewellery for my own doll!  Can you see the heart clasp in the photo above?  The necklace really sparkles, hard to photograph that but it is dazzlingly sparkly. I found out that jewellery making is surprisingly completely new to this lady!

Here it is my beautiful doll necklace gift on Clara!  

As it was the Easter holidays at this point and my daughter was off school with me when the doll necklace arrived we spent an afternoon making some of our own doll jewellery, so inspired by the talent and spirit of this lady.You will see some of our necklaces further on.

Every good wedding anniversary celebration needs a doll groom. Kidz 'n' Cats Alister, was the Ruby Wedding Anniversary groom, but while the clothes he came in are undoubtedly cute, they were not going to be suitable for his big day! He needed a suit for this special day so that he could look like this lady's husband did when they married 40 years ago. As suits are not readily available for boy dolls I had one made for him to wear so that he would look his best for his leading lady.

I knew the date had come for this lovely couple's Ruby Anniversary celebrations after lots of preparation and anticipation and I was sending lots of happy celebratory vibes! 

Meanwhile, I didn't know it at the time, the dolls were being photographed for a very special little photo story I was to be sent shortly after the event!

Here are the wonderful photos from the day that I was so happy to receive in my inbox, along with captions to set the scene:

Dolls choosing which dresses to wear 1

Dolls choosing which dresses to wear 2
Admiring their new outfits
Giving of a ruby ring
All dressed up
It's party time!

I was overjoyed to get so many of these photos with a story too! It's such a cute display, it looks like everyone had a fabulous day. 

But that is not the end of the story. A few days later the postman brought me another parcel from this lady. Inside I found little white cardboard boxes tied with red and gold organza ribbon containing...Ruby Wedding Anniversary cake! There was also a card and amazingly also a gift bag for my daughter. 

Here's what was inside her gift bag:

A really pretty handmade girl and doll matching necklace set for my daughter with aqua coloured beads and magnetic heart shaped clasps so my daughter would be able to easily put the necklaces on herself and her doll. She absolutely loves it and is so proud to be given this gift that has been handmade for her. She wanted to wear the ribbon from the gift in her hair. She didn't want to take off her new jewellery and go to bed!!

Here are Clara and Sophie wearing the gorgeous and very special doll necklaces.

The other two doll necklaces in the photo are the ones my daughter and I made in the Easter holidays inspired by this lady's beautiful ruby, pearl and diamond doll necklace.

This post has the label Friends. It is not just a doll photo story like many of my other photo stories I post; it is a real Ruby Wedding Anniversary story that it is my great privilege and honour to have shared in.

To the special couple, thank you, and I wish you a very happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary year!